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Kenny Nwokoye

Founder, KN and ZTHA

My first 11 month online was full of affliction...
I made only $25 In 11 Month. What changed my story was a mindset shift and access to mentorship. Today ive generated over $300k Online and Now A Global Brand”

Ada Billions

18 Years Old Millionaire

“I Made My First Million At 15 !
I have always wanted to learn ways to make money online to assist my parents and I found this sets of skills taught on the 1k club as the answer I’ve always needed, today I not only make money from these skills, I now teach others too”

Abdulsalem Toheeb

Founder, T-Honey Vlog

“I met Dr. Sam 2 years ago… after spending 4 solid years of my life struggling.
I Learnt Only One Skill from Him and I followed His instructions, today ive generated over a 100M Online and counting.”

No Fluff • Real Value Every Time

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Let’s face it — The price of everything is going up. guess what’s not going up? People’s income. Its a terrible feeling wanting something dearly and not been able to afford it.
(Sapa Na Bastard)

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There is a wise saying that:
“If You Know Where You Are Going, Your Journey Will Be Short...”
“If Your Know How To Get There, Your Journey Will Be Shorter...”
“If Have Someone Who Has Been There, Willing To Take You, Then You Are Already There.”

This Gets More Interesting...

We Have Put Together An Array Of Businesses You Can Start Today With Full Guardiance

6 Vehicles To $1k Online

The Online 1k Club Is...

6 steps to make a $1000 online

This is a 6 module course where Dr. Sam Harvard himself broke down the 6 steps any one can follow to generate income online easily.

These are proven steps used by him and any other millionaire out there.

You will be getting access to this as a member of the 1k club.

With This Course, you can...

Identify Opportunities in any problem around you and create or leverage existing Solutions to solve them... This Will Build You Wealth

Calculate your own magic number for any product you create or other peoples product you decide to promote.

Generate funds on demand and meet all your money needs easily because you now have the formula.

No Fluff • Real Value Every Time

Join Today For Only $14.5

No Fluff • Real Value Every Time

Join Today For Only $14.5

The Online 1k Club Is...

Web & Funnel Design

As a member of the 1k club, you will not only learn how to build websites for people and businesses, you will also be taught how to create converting sales funnels you can charge a minimum of $2000 per client.

This is really mind blowing. You'll learn the skills and also learn how to make money with it.

With 1kClub Web Design, you can...

Build different kinds of websites without writing a single line of code.

You get guided and trained by people who are actually making money designing websites.

Learn and get mentored of steps that can be taken to earn $1k and above from this skill... We don’t just teach you, we help you make money with it.

The Online 1k Club Is...

Mini Importation & e-Commerce

E-commerce is a trillion dollar industry and its growing by the day, from this program, you will learn how to source for very cheap viral products from China and import into your country easily.

You will learn how to sell such viral product and make more than 1000% in profit.

All the secrets, all the guides will be at your disposal.

You will have full access to all of these when you become a member of the 1k Club.

With Mini Importation & e-Commerce, you can...

How to source for Viral Products with vendors in China that can do up to 1000%.

How to avoid “what I ordered VS what I got” while building your own e-commerce business

Market your Viral Products online easily making massive profit.

No Fluff • Real Value Every Time

Join Today For Only $14.5

No Fluff • Real Value Every Time

Join Today For Only $14.5

Online 1k Club Is…

Amazon KDP

Do you know there are people who sells ebooks on amazon and generates over $50,000 without writing any of the books themselves?

Yes you heard that right

You can do a book review and summary using AI tools and converting them into short form ebooks in some specific niche and earn in dollars from Amazon.

With Our Amazon KDP, you’ll Learn...

How to sign up as a publisher.

How to find the best niche that sells itself.

How to write the books without writing

How to publish books easily everyday and make money with KDP.

1k Club Teaches You …

Airdrop Farming

Do you know you can make thousands of dollars in a year from cryptocurrency without investing a single dollar?

Yes this is called Airdrop Farming.

You can perform simple tasks online from your mobile phone and get rewarded with tokens that can be withdrawn in dollars or your local currency.

Here are some of our students and the kinds of money they are making in just few days of Airdrop farming.

You'll learn everything about how you too can start to grow income in crypto without ever investing a dime once you become a member of the 1k Club.

With Airdrop Farming, you can...

Access to Multiple Crypto-Projects that will reward you with tokens that can be converted to fiat in exchanges.

Fully customizable, drag and drop page builder that anyone can use regardless of computer skills.

"I got the futurist Kwame A A Opoku to break this down for you so you can follow simple steps to grow income through crypto at zero cost to you. Forget it, you will make money by force on this one"

No Fluff • Real Value Every Time

Join Today For Only $14.5

No Fluff • Real Value Every Time

Join Today For Only $14.5

1k Club Is…

Affiliate Marketing

This is a 400billion dollar industry with a lot of potential to grow.

You can simply run ads to digital courses and other digital products created by other people and make mind blowing income.

As a member of the 1k club, you will be learning exactly how to make your first $1000 in less than 90days with practical steps from this option alone.

With Affiliate Marketing, you can...

Sell other people’s product online without showing your identity (if you don’t want to)

Earn from different countries in USD online while helping people all over the World get what they want.

Earn while you sleep as people keep buying the products you are promoting even while you sleep.

Want To Hear What Entrepreneurs Like Yourself Have To Say About TO1KC?

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Odinaka Justin

Inneh Joseph

Lois Ugbe

**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of The Online 1k Club. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that 1K Club is not a business opportunity. The Online 1k Club Is A Learning Community Where Skills Are Taught. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**

No Fluff • Real Value Everytime

Frequently Asked Questions

How or where will the training be happening?

The trainings happen inside the online student classroom, you will need to data and a smartphone to watch the classes

What if I don't understand do I get any support for this?

You get access to a mentorship group where there are admins who respond to you 6 hours daily.

How do I know this is real?

We are not promising you a miracle. You will be learning skills and how to put them to use. If you learn and do nothing with them, you will get no result.

Will I need a laptop/computer for this?

Most of what you will be taught can be done on a smartphone.

Are there any guarantees?

The answer is NO! Again, we are not promising you a miracle. You will be learning skills and how to put them to use. If you learn and do nothing with them, you will get no result.

How long will this training take because I hardly have time?

Most of the training comes in recorded video format inside the online classroom. So you can watch it at your own timing.

How soon can I start making money from this?

As soon as you start learning and putting what you learn to use.

How is this course different from others?

We try to make this program as beginner friendly as possible this is why most of the trianings are done by people who have started from zero.

Why is the price so low if you sincerely offer all that was mentioned?

The program is currently on Pre Launch which is why you are getting at such a discount.